Natural Calcium Lactate

Natural Calcium Lactate

Why use chemical products, when we have safe, vegan, clean-label and organic available?



Natural Calcium Lactate is an odorless food additive derived from lactic acid manufactured using state of the art fermentation techniques, with organic wheat/corn/nice flours as the raw material. The procedures have been tried and mastered with all the USFDA, GMP, Halal, non-GMO and FSSAI norms and certifications



  • It is an important chemical reagent and industrial chemical.
  • Used in the food industry in cheese lactate, sweets, milk proteins, baking powder baby food, juices, biscuits etc.
  • Used in the pharmaceutical industry for medicine preparation, calcium supplements, tonics, sedatives.



Enhances shelf life

Enhances flavor

Enhances texture

Calcium supplementation

Enhances stability

Improved benefits during pregnancy lactation