Natural Lactic Acid

Natural Lactic Acid

Why use chemical products, when we have safe, clean-label & organic available?



Natural Lactic acid is an organic acid manufactured using state of the art fermentation techniques, with organic wheat/corn/rice flours as the raw material. The procedures have been tried and mastered with all the USFDA, GMP, Halal and FSSAI norms and certifications.



  • It is an important chemical reagent and industrial chemical
  • Used in the food industry in Sweets, Breads, Soft drinks, Beer, Yogurt, Butter, Canned vegetables etc.
  • Used in the pharmaceutical industry for Pills.Surgical sutures, Controlled drug release system
  • Used in skin care products
  • Used in industrial products for leather tanning, biodegradable PLA polymers



Enhances Shelf Life

Best Acidulant

Enhances Flavor

Enhances texture because of descaling properties

Derivation used as emulsifiers, plasticizers