Prathista Phos

Prathista Phos is a liquid bio-fertilizer with a unique combination of proteino-lacto-gluconate and phosphate solubilizing  /mobilizing  bacteria. These bacteria fixes the insoluble phosphate available in the soil into soluble form and thus, making it bio-available for the crop absorption.

This formulation is highly potent, eco-friendly and organic certified along with FCO certification. It helps in improving the soil fertility and enhances the root proliferation by providing enzymes, hormones, vitamins required to the plant along with phosphorous. It increases seed germination, overall crop yield and used for all crops and plants. By applying Prathista Phos 25 to 30% of chemical phosphate fertilizers can be minimized. It is also helpful in improvement of soil health and texture as well as better root system development.

Prathista Phos controls the soil borne pathogens and increases the capacity of soil nutrients absorption. It enhances the root proliferation by inducing the release of growth promoting hormones.

Crops: Prathista Phos will be a perfect solution to the nutrient deficiency in the crops like Paddy, Wheat, Maize, chilies, Citrus, Banana, Onion, Mango, Garlic, Leguminous, Non-leguminous, Cotton, Barley, Jawar, Sugar Cane, Sugar Beet, Groundnut, Cocoa, Tomato, Potato, Cardamom, Pepper, Coffee, Rubber, Tea, Turmeric, Brinjal, Cauliflower etc. It can even improve the growth of medicinal, ornamental and aromatic plants.


Seed treatment: 10 mL Prathista Phos liquid with sufficient water / 1 kg of seeds, 10 -15 min prior to sowing.

Spray formulation: Mix 250 mL of Prathista Phos with 100 L of water for 1 acre of land. Spray at the root zone of the plants.

Drip Irrigation: Prathista Phos at 3L /ha can be used in 500 mL of water