Prathista NPK

Prathista NPK  is a liquid consortia  bio-fertilizer  with a unique combination of proteino-lacto-gluconate.  All the cultures of bacteria used are compatible and can co-exist in liquid formulation.

This formulation is highly effective as it  is a combination of  Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash  and  can be used for different types of soil . It is an eco-friendly  and certified organic product. The culture has high CFU  count  throughout its storage. It helps in improving soil health and increasing soil bioactivity.


FOR SEED TREATMENT :  100 ml of Prathista NPK  / 1 litre of water which is mixed with seeds and dried 10-15 mins prior sowing.

FLOOD  IRRIGATION SOIL TREATMENT :  500 ml of product/ 1 acre of land.

DRIP IRRIGATION TREATMENT:  Allow 10 ml of product flow through each tree (for orchad plants).