Prathista Foundation (Non Profit Organization)

Prathista welfare activities under Prathista Foundation

Prathista Farmers Welfare Foundation:- A Nonprofit making Organization, established by Prathista to serve Farmers for their better living standards.

What I feel is, to do something for farming community, which can be remembered even after my dealth and when My soul is not on this earth.

HOW......HOW..........HOW........this question was bothering me with sleepless nights from many years…......

I realized that food is important commodity for everyone, which is being generated from somebody has to take lead for protecting life of Soil and Ecology, then Ground Water for future generations.

To live long without health problems and to be safe in healthy atmospheres, one has to consume safe food for better Health which is our Wealth..

I also realized based on present situation of many farmers that, they feel Agriculture is no more profit making activity. This idea needs to be addressed very carefully and make sure to remove this idea from Farmers mind as they are producing food commodities. One has to encourage them to ensure better productivity with better quality of Agricultural produce.

The only solution is to promote Eco-Friendly Agriculture as profit making activity to improve poor farmer's living standards, as we are finding many suicides of poor farmers which is due to poor farming practices.

It is fact that, India is very strong in producing quantities of agricultural commodities and time has come to look at QUALITY parameters of food stuff being produced in large quantities.

The only vision and target for Prathista (RAM) is to do something for our FARMERS to improve living standards.

With this innovative thinking, RAM has decided to start a Non-Profit making Organization i.e., Prathista Farmer's Welfare Foundation to serve farmers to produce quality and quantity based agricultural produce and also to stop young generation to leave their mother places to settle in cities. This is also important to encourage young generation to get involved in Agriculture.

This is GREAT deal but we can do many things if we dream and strive hard to make dreams come true.

History says that, Poultry is farming once up a time...but now it is Industry ruling World market.

So, it is RAM's dream and target for rest of life - to protect ecology, to improve living standards of Farmers and inspire & encourage Young Generation to convert Agriculture as successful Industry.


There is NO political motive in this mission as it is vision for a Individual with Technical back ground. I am dreaming for this mission to strive hard to make it possible with the support of few hundred employees struggling every day to make my mission & vision successful as we have back ground of good running Industry (

Like minded and visionaries may join hands with Prathista for making above mission possible.