Prathista Eco-Potash

Prathista Eco- Potash is a liquid bio-fertilizer with a unique combination of proteino-lacto-gluconate and potash solubilizing /mobilizing bacteria. These bacteria fixes the insoluble potash available in the soil into soluble form and thus, making it bio-available for the crop absorption.

This formulation is highly potent, eco-friendly and organic certified along with FCO certification. It helps in increasing productivity by increasing the potash uptake by plants without disturbing the ecological balance and also helps in preventing soil erosion, improving soil texture and fertility and can be used for all crops and plants.

Prathista Eco- Potash improves the soil microflora and enhances the potash along with other nutrients uptake by the crops. It maintains the high viability of cultures throughout the storage.


Seed treatment: 10 mL Prathista Eco- Potash liquid with sufficient water / 1 kg of seeds, 10 -15 min prior to sowing.

Spray formulation: Mix 250 mL of Prathista Eco- Potash with 100 L of water for 1 acre of land. Spray at the root zone of the plants.

Drip Irrigation: Prathista Eco- Potash at 3L /ha can be used in 500 mL of water